STORY- USI SE THANDA USI SE GARAM. (The Air Blown From The Mouth Causes Fire And The Same Air Cools Down The Heat)

On a dark night after the eclipse, landed an unidentified spaceship in the deep forests. As usual an alien was left behind wandering here and there. The next morning while observing all the woodcutters he saw them cutting and gathering large number of logs and wood pieces. In the afternoon he saw one of them putting together the logs and lighting fire. He was continuously blowing air from his mouth and finally there was enough of fire to prepare food for his lunch. The alien was in awe of the woodcutter by the way he lit up the fire and cooked his meal for the day. The woodcutter sat down and started peeling the potato he boiled for the lunch and continuously blew air so as to cool it down. The Alien surprised and frustrated shouted at the woodcutter that had he lost his mind that he was blowing air at the potato and what if the potato caught fire. The woodcutter politely answered that he was doing so, so that the potato would cool down a bit. The alien got into immense confusion about the people of Earth and their ways.

In a very similar way is the case of Allergy and Immunity. Parents prevent the child’s exposure with allergens  (dust, pollen and micro organism)  so as to prevent him from temporary symptoms(nasal obstruction, sneezing, watery rhinorea and itching) not realising the advantage of it in the long run. Majority of the people do not understand the concept of ‘usi se thanda usi se garam’ (the air blown from the mouth causes fire and the same air cools down the heat). Same is the case with allergy ‘same antigen induces symptoms and the same allergens provides immunity’, allergens causes temporary problems yet preventing from the causes of major allergies. The interaction with certain allergens provides immunity from a large number of allergies; this is termed as Cross-immunity in which a particular allergen provides immunty against many allergies.

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